Girls Basketball

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Class 6A District 1


Head Coach: Greg Gill  Assistant:  Tailer Preston

JV Coach: Joseph Brabham

9th Grade: Vance Smith





Lady Patriot Basketball Players who have played or are playing in college:

Austin College
Faulkner State University
Florida Southern University
LBW Community College

Hannah Richards                     Shelby Pardy                         Kara Lay Whitney                      June Turner

Pensacola State College
Sprnghill College
University of Mobile
University of West Florida

Taron Bright                               Erika Wright                                   Rachel Moorer                            Mary Harris

Carol Martel 

Makayla Michael                                                                                                                                         Bethany Odom

Melinda Singletary

point university.png
Baleigh Morris
Liz Nashed